Brokers Inc launch new customer administrative system

Brokers Inc is delighted to launch a new customer administrative system to provide clients with the latest compliant Insurance broking system Ian Hensby, Broking Manager, announced “Providing a quality service to our customers is a key part of our philosophy. We have made a long term financial commitment to Acturis to provide us with their […]

The Hidden Costs of Accidents

An area of major concern to employers is the cost of accidents. And working out how much accidents actually cost can be really difficult, as many expenses are not always obvious. National costs are calculated by the rate of working days lost, cost of work-related injuries and illness, and the annual fines charged to businesses for […]

Tackling Workplace Mental Health Issues

With all that organisations have to cope with currently, if tackling in-work mental health and wellbeing is going to have a chance, employers need solutions to be clear, simple and practical to implement. In order to be able to do this we first must have a better understanding of the causes of workplace mental health […]

Our New Website

Welcome to the new and improved CORC website! This is a new website that is the hub for insurance deals and a specialist broking team specialised for roofers.  The website lets you browse through the extensive list of products and services that are available, whether you be a one man band or a large organisation, […]